Hello! Thanks for visiting. I'm Nguyen Le, a interdisciplinary designer and maker, originally from Lancaster, PA and have spent about 10 years living and working in Brooklyn, NY. When my husband and I were looking to leave city life to be closer to nature, we fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. We found our way to Cannon Beach, OR where we currently reside. 

I've been making things since always. My love of creating with my hands came from my mom, who was always sewing or making something special. And I received an eye for photography from my dad, who loved making images. I have a BS in photography, and never left my crafty hands behind. I've worked in a commercial photography studio, gone on to start my own business selling fiber accessories, leading classes in needle felting and knitting, writing two pattern books, and contributing patterns to other books. I'm also a craft stylist, which means I work with art directors and creative teams to create one of a kind handmade pieces for commercial work. 

If you have a project you'd like to collaborate on please get in touch!